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Dear all, 

Welcome to the re-inauguration of the Newsletter of The Posthumanities Hub. There has been a break in letter-writing for a couple of years (since we were also setting up the Seed Box for environmental humanities in Sweden at Linköping University 2014-2017), but we’ve been more active than ever!

This newsletter will from now on, as before, be a space for sharing ideas, events, new positions, and information, so please keep sending us your insights, call for papers, event flyers and love!
E-mail Janna Holmstedt at jannaho[at]

Contents, 2019, No.1:
-The Posthumanities Hub and its Networks
-What’s been cooking at The Posthumanities Hub 2018-2019?
-The Posthumanities Hub Seminar Series, 2018-2019
-Teaser for the autumn program

Since this re-inaugurated newsletter is fully loaded, we recommend that you download it below and read it as pdf.

Summer greetings!
The Posthumanities Hub Team

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