Sonic Sensibilities: /Mis/communication/s/

16 Aug 2019, 13:00-16:00
R1 Reactor hall, KTH, Stockholm (Drottning Kristinas väg 51)

In this mixed and postdisciplinary gathering, with listening sessions and talks by artists and researchers, we will visit the limits of communication(s) – when our technologies, ideas, languages and intentions fail us. We will among other things encounter phenomena that cannot be decoded, interspecies communication experiments, and speculations about how we can communicate with not only aliens but also inhabitants on planet Earth in a distant future.

In a society imbued with communication technologies and a positive belief in the possibilities of accurately formulating, transmitting, receiving and archiving, it might be sobering to consider situations where the communicative attempt takes us elsewhere. Where it derails our assumptions and intentions and where we admittedly are out of control. What can be gleaned from these limits and borderlands? What can be unlearned? What ethico-political considerations do they confront us with?

Cecilia Åsberg (founder and director of the Posthumanities Hub, KTH/Linköping Univ., SE), Marietta Radomska (co-director of the Posthumanities Hub, Linköping Univ., SE/Univ. of Helsinki, FI), Vera Weetzel (PhD candidate in Gender Studies, Linköping Univ., SE), Janna Holmstedt (artist, SE), mirko nikolić (artist, SE/FI), Jacek Smolicki, (artist, SE/PL).

Curated by Janna Holmstedt, the Posthumanities Hub, in collaboration with Jacek Smolicki, Fragmentarium Club, at the invitation of the Public Art Agency. The session will take place inside the large-scale art installation “The Interplanetary Species Society (ISS)” by Jonas Staal. ISS is part of the project “Choreograhies of the Social” curated by Edi Muka, the Public Art Agency Sweden (Statens Konstråd). More information and full program 13-25 Aug:

Humanities Tech KTH: On surviving AI, being feminist in a software lab and online hate platforms – 30 January 2019

Humanities Tech KTH events explore the intersection of the humanities, human and technology with a particular focus on critical and constructive engagement (critiquing, imagining, (re)designing, making) with socio-technological systems such as AI, search engines, smart cities, and e-commerce logistics.

A keystone is that there should be plenty of time for discussion and conversation. The format is flexible depending on the theme, people and situation. It is hoped that the event series will be an opportunity to bring up important questions relevant from different perspectives and to find opportunities at such intersections.

On January 30 there will be three Humanities Tech KTH events with international and national participants (at KTH). Everyone warmly welcome! Registration required.


AI for Survival

Nishant Shah, ArtEZ University of the Arts


Feminist in a Software Lab

Tara McPherson, University of Southern California

Nishant Shah, ArtEZ University of the Arts

Jenny Sundén, Södertörn University

Anna Wahl, KTH

Celina Zander, KTH


Analyzing Hate Platforms, Fighting Hate Crimes

Daniela Agostinho, University of Copenhagen

Kenneth Bodin, Algoryx Simulation and Näthastgranskaren

Raazesh Sainudiin, Stockholm University

Nishant Shah, ArtEZ University of the Arts

Tara McPherson, University of Southern California


More information and registration:

The Third International Queer Death Studies Workshop “Death and Dying in a Queer Context”: the programme & registration!

Queer Death Studies Network has just announced the programme of the upcoming Third International Queer Death Studies Workshop: “Death and Dying in a Queer Context”, taking place on 30th and 31st May 2018 at Linköping University! Check it out!

Queer Death Studies Network

Dear all,

It is our great pleasure to announce the programme of the upcoming Third International Queer Death Studies Workshop: Death and Dying in a Queer Context that takes place on 30th and 31st May 2018 at Linköping University. The workshop starts at 10:15 on 30th May and finishes at 16:00 on 31st May.

In order to register, please send an email to: tara.mehrabi [at]

Registration DEADLINE: 23rd May 2018.


30th May (Wednesday)

10:15 – 11:00 Introduction

11:00 – 12:30 Session I:

Margrit Shildrick, Temporalities and Onto-epistemologies of Death and Dying

Natashe Lemos Dekker, Valuing Life: Normative and Moral Frames at the End of Life with Dementia

12:30 – 13:45 Lunch (on a self-paid basis)

13:45 – 15:55 Session II

Andria Nyberg Forshage & Eliot Eklöw, Lilies of Sterile Pleasure. On Indolence, Deathliness, Deproduction, and Double Affirmation

ida Hillerup Hansen, ‘Falling Apart’: Prisms of Living

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